At the beginning of 2023, I was approached to develop the visual identity for Studio Club, a new nightclub located in Málaga, Spain. The objective was to create a versatile image that could seamlessly adapt to the diverse musical genres and styles hosted by the club, ranging from melodic house to hard techno.

To achieve this, we designed a system with the letter "S" as the central element, featuring a geometric and minimalist construction. This was complemented by various logo versions adaptable to different formats.

A key objective in this project was to ensure equal treatment for all artists, regardless of their status. To support this, we designed a 100% custom grotesque sans serif typeface, utilized in a single weight. This approach avoids the use of multiple weights, aiming to establish information hierarchy solely through color and size.

For the event backgrounds and posters, we prominently feature the "S" and generate diverse styles using AI.

Thanks to everyone who collaborated on this project, and especially to the owners for this opportunity.

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